Thursday, 8 December 2011

Social Tie

The alarm clock rings at 07:00 am.
I switch it off, and shove my head under the warm duvet.
07:30 now I know I must get up,and face the cold air and leave the bed I have warmed up the whole night. That's what it is wrong about sleeping, the best time to sleep is in the morning but life obligates you to get up before noon.

Then comes the most dull chores

Outside irritation can get you pretty easily. It initiates by having to deal with slow walkers in front of you. Most of the time they won't even allow you a bit of space to rush beside them, in order for you to get going. There are also children with their mothers; and they never seem to care about their kids running into your direction and bumping into you. Then I put on the most forcible smile and fake I like those kids.


Sometimes the train delays, then it arrives packed. Damn commuters, reading their newspapers and ignoring the world, only caring about their BlackBerry cellphones (Don't know why I just mentioned a brand). I don't look at them. For me they are greed working machines with political sense of humor.

I get off and change for District line. I sit down and vaguely look at some people around me. In front of me sits a young girl staring at her shoes. In the next station a woman enters the train and sits by my side. She unwraps something and start eating it.
It smells like fried chicken. I can't help but wonder what the hell does she think, eating fried chicken at this time of the day and inside a train. She doesn't think that is it. She doesn't care, she is a menial of her body.

There are 20 stations ahead so I just keep listening to music, at least it makes life and people look more interesting, except for the woman eating chicken. She ruins my music and imaginary world with her smelly food and greasy hands.

I finally alight at Whitechapel Station. I climb the stairs skipping one tread each time, punch the oyster card down and finally get to see the monochrome sky outside.