Monday, 9 April 2012

Citric Pain

I've cut my finger today while cuting a slice of lemon. My advice, if life hands you a lemon don't cut it with a shitty knife. I put that slice of lemon in a cup filled with beer and I drank that beer. I sit by the window and watch as the rain falls down, the metal strees and addictive smell of petrichor. I wish I could dance outside in that wet pavement, my long hair swinging in the air. I want to live the life I dream of every night. I want to be the person I created in my dreams. A person who does not care much, does not worry. After all what is there stopping me?. The truth is nobody will pay my bills and when I die I will go on my own, no one alive would want to die just to share a casket with me. I came to a conclusion that the more you enjoy moments, more memories you will have. But I don't longer want to dance outside I just want to hibernate as I look out this window. It's sad how sometimes my enthusiasm lasts no longer than an eye blink.