Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Toilet Paper

There was this period in my life when I seriously started to think I was nuts. In a way we all are but some people can fake pretty good so that they can fool their own brains. It started with my cat. Bomb the cat. Nice cat, selfish and great appetite for tuna. Bomb would sometimes stare at me and I could see deep into his eyes and I started to belive he was a human being and worse, that he was judging me. I couldn't go to the toilet without him following me. When I was getting dressed he would be around and I started to feel unconfortable with Bomb spying me around the house. I really liked that cat but the days he was in heat, he would stay outside the whole day and Id feel much more relaxed. I also started having issues with food and flesh. fresh food and fresh flesh. Everything seemed disgusting, all of these flesh beings shoving food inside and taking it out later, the whole process. I could not seem to respect humans for that matter of fact. Somedays I couldn't bear to look at food at all, but when I felt hungry my paranoia would go way. What could I do, that's the way it is. I couldnt fight against it. I had the need to feed that body of mine. When I was younger my hobby was to go to the supermarket with my mother and count how many people would put toilet paper rolls in their trolleys and I tell you 90% of them would have a six pack. I always tried to convince my mother not to get one, not at all. I would tell her we should be different but she never listened; she'd just grab a six pack like the others and remove things I had thrown in the trolley.