Thursday, 8 December 2011

Useless Thoughts

Sometimes my thoughts are louder than the music playing through my earphones. I dislike thinking too much. It interrupts communication, I don't communicate. I just listen to people talk., they must like talking and laughing, cause it is all I see them doing.

As I enter the University building I hear a young guy happily whistling. It is 09:00 am and I hate him.

People's voice are all the same, the conversations are all the same too. As get into the circle of people I noticed how weird some of them are. Mr Hamilton starts talking. He thinks he is tough and funny, but his sense of humor is compelling. People giggle, I smile but not at his jokes, but at my stupid useless thoughts.

We are then set into groups of three. There were two guys. One of them looked hipster and the other had a Spanish accent. They told me their names but I forgot them minutes later. They were quiet. I was quiet. We looked dumb together.

The hipster asks me..

'So, Whose painting do you think that is?'.
'I have no idea' - I say.

Silence again.

My sentence was still floating in the air. I didn't like that. I could hear it in my mind as an echo' I have no ideaaa, ah'. So I looked at the Spanish guy.

'What do you think?' I asked.
'It's Warhol for sure'. He says.

It wasn't.